An Expert Killed While Defusing A Bomb In Front Of A Coptic Church

An Expert Killed While Defusing A Bomb In Front Of A Coptic Church

March 13, 2019 0 By George

The celebration of Christmas and New Year of Coptic Christian community is a little bit different from the Vatican. While the others were having a mass on the night of 24 December or on the morning of 25 December, Coptic church held theirs on January 7th. However, on January 5th 2019, a bomb was found outside the Coptic church in Egypt prior to the mass.

The Minority Population
The religion in Egypt is dominated by Sunni Moslem. Almost all the population (90% of them) are Moslems. The second biggest religion in Egypt is Coptic Christian, taking up around eight percent of the population. In the other words, this community is the minority in Egypt population.

Years ago, there are some people who called themselves Moslem militan and pointed that Coptic Christians are actually infidels. Their existence itself is a desecration of human being and the country. Thus, some of them took several actions such as killing, bombing and pressuring the members of the community. As expected, the local police did take some preventions, but some of the plans did not go well.

The Victims
Exactly two days before the mass, a member of the community reported to the police about a suspicious bag placed in front of the church door. In an instant, the bomb defuser team was called and arrived on the location not long after. The police sent to defuse the bomb was an expert in its field, but he had no luck with this bomb. It exploded and killed the police.

In addition to the police, two other polices who stood nearby the location and one onlooker were also injured. After the explosion, no militan group claimed the bomb. Thus, the polices needed further investigation to determine the person behind the bombing.

The tension between Muslim militans and the Coptic Christian community in Egypt has been edging for years. In order to protect the members, even small church event should be guarded by local polices. Otherwise, the militans will always find a way to murder some of the members.