Companies are Ready for a New 5G World

Companies are Ready for a New 5G World

June 17, 2019 0 By George

CES event which was owned by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) held in Las Vegas on 8 until 11 January this year. The highlight of this event is the new 5G world which could change the whole level of the internet speed.

– The New 5G World
Even though the 4G will be still strongly used until 2020, the new 5G world has been in the discussion among the technology experts. 5G will be the next generation of the internet speed which could process website loading, downloading any music or streaming movies or YouTube ten time faster than 4G.

With this new technology, 5G should provide internet connections with average download speed around 1GB. This could give more innovation integrated with this 5G network in many aspects of technology. With the faster internet speed, it will change the whole level of how people will operate their smartphones, or any device related to the internet such as the laptop, smart TV, or VR headset.

– The Tech Companies are Ready with the Interesting Plans
During CES, many tech companies such as Verizon, AT&T, Samsung and Qualcomm have shared their plans related to the 5G world. In 2018, Verizon introduced a similar version to broadband of its wireless 5G to several cities in the U.S. But this version is fixed and not mobile yet as well smartphone could not yet support the 5G.

HS Kim, CEO of the world biggest smartphone Samsung mentioned that the 5G technology could become together in a connected car. Samsung also already displayed the prototype of a 5G smartphone during the event. It is expected that the first 5G mobile device from Samsung will be launched in upcoming months this year.

Qualcomm displayed on its booth during the event about how 5G could be applied in the mobile device as well the VR headsets. This gaming technology which has to be more and more popular lately could be played with a 5G network with no latency. Based on Qualcomm’s vice president of Marketing, 5G will have a deeper impact than 3G or 4G.

CES was the annual event for those who flourish of the business of consumer technologies. This year the event was attended more than 182,000 and had more than 4,400 companies participated in the event. Even though this 5G world is expected to be available across the world in 2020, companies already start to develop this technology in order to give the new innovation to the customers