The CVR of Lion Air JT610 Had Been Found

The CVR of Lion Air JT610 Had Been Found

July 20, 2019 0 By George

The CVR which stands for Cockpit Voice Recorder of the Lion Air JT60 crash had been found on Monday, 14 January 2019 by the navy divers’ team. With this finding, it will give the big help of the investigation of how the plane could be crashed.

The CVR was Found on 8 Meters Depth Under Mud of the Seabed
On Monday 14 January the CVR was found said the Indonesia officials. This statement also has been confirmed by the coordinating maritime affairs and fisheries. It was stated that a week signal from the CVR had been detected several days before it was found.

The flight data recorder (FDR) was found four days after the search of JT610 which crashed in the java sea, Indonesia. Based on KNKT statement, the FDR and CVR should have been together on the black box of the plane. It was suspected that these two items were separated during the plane crashed into the sea.

Lion Air JT610 Crashed on October 29, 2018
Lion Air JT610 with the route of Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang carried 189 including the passengers and the crew members. The plane crashed into the sea just a few minutes after take-off, all passengers and the crew members reported died because of this accident.

Based on the previous statement from Indonesia official, the aircraft experienced problems on the airspeed readings during the last four flights before it crashed. The new feature of Boeing 373 Max has the automated system that keeps the plane from stalling which was suspected as the struggle that the pilot experienced during the last flight of this plane.

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This New Finding Will Reveal the New Information
By the finding of the CVR, it gives the new light of the investigation of the Lion Air JT610 crash. This CVR will provide the conversation in the cockpit as well the background noise which could reveal the final moment before the plane crashed. Even though there were obvious scratches from the CVR, but the damage of this tool was unclear. In additions, the official stated that it will need six months to analyse the data from this finding.

The crash of Lion Air JT 610 is the worst plane accident in Indonesia for more than two decades and the first case of the Boeing 737 Max jet. Lion Air was being on the attention of Indonesia and World media due to the questionable safety and maintenance operations of this budget Airline.