The Unusual Storm In Eastern Thailand

The Unusual Storm In Eastern Thailand

January 13, 2019 0 By George

It is not surprising when the local people were not prepared for the storm. Although heavy rain and winds are common due to the seasonal cycle, none of them ever turns into a terrifying storm. The last record of similar event could be traced back in 1962, which at that time, killed approximately 900 people.

The Chronology
The sign of tropical storm Pabuk forming had been detected by satellite. However, it was not expected to move to the mainland, as the center of the storm was located in the eastern sea of Thailand. On Friday, January 4th 2019, the storm shifted to the coast, then went further to the mainland, before depressing and slowly moving to the Andaman Sea on Saturday.

Those who survived the storm claimed that the event happened at 3.30 pm. The Pabuk storm hit Nakon Si Thammarat province, slowly speeding up to its maximum spin. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center reported that the top speed of Pabuk reached 95 km per hour.

The After Effect
As the storm passed the villages and small islands in the eastern Thailand, it pulled out the trees from the land, as well as the power pole and houses’ roof. Pabuk storm took three lives. Two of the victims were the elderly who couldn’t escape the flood that suddenly drowned them. Another one got killed after his boat was capsized in the sea.

The unfortunate disaster also brings effect to the tourism and sector. January is considered the peak holiday season. Although some tourists decided to change their plan prior to the warning, several people were strayed on the small islands. It is not until Saturday afternoon, some ships are brave enough to sail to the big island.

As soon as the storm passed, tv station published the extraordinary event in their breaking news. Responding to the news, two ships and one aircraft from Thai Royal Navy were departed from the capital to rescue the survivors and evacuate them to safer area.