Where North Korea Ambassador for Italy is?

Where North Korea Ambassador for Italy is?

March 8, 2019 0 By George

One of the shocking International news comes from North Korea Ambassador, Jo Song-gil who reported to be disappearing since at the beginning of the November from his resident in Rome, Italy.

Who is Jo Song-gil?
Jo Song-gil is the new North Korea Ambassador for Italy. He replaces the previous North Korea ambassador, Mun Jong-nam after being outcast as a protest to North Korea government for the nuclear test. Jo Song-gil starts to duty as the ambassador since October 2017. Jo Song-gil comes from diplomats’ family; both his father in law and father were served as the ambassador for North Korea in the past.

The Rumour
According to the spy of South Korea, Jo Song-gil and his family is looking for asylum in the Western area. However, the location cannot be tracked precisely. It is said that Jo Song-gil proposes an asylum at the beginning of November and that Italy government hide the ambassador and his family to stay safe from any dangers.

There is a rule in Noth Korea that every diplomat who performs his duty abroad have to leave their child or children as a guarantee for their loyalty to the country, which is North Korea. However, as we know, Jo Song-gil has special privilege since he can bring all family to Italy while serving as the ambassador of the North Korea to Italy.

This is not the first time for North Korea to experience disloyalty from its diplomats. The disappeared of Jo Song-gil and his family happened after South Korea and North Korea meet for the better relationship between these countries.

The disappeared of North Korea ambassador have been spread around the world and become the highlight of International news recently. Jo Song-gil and his family reported to hide in a safe place and look for asylum from the Western countries. Where is of North Korea Ambassador for Italy remaining a mystery until nowadays.